About Us

The Asian-Oceanian Standard-Setters Group (AOSSG) is a grouping of the 28 Accounting Standard-Setters in the Asian-Oceanian region. The Group has been formed in 2009 to discuss issues and share experiences on the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and to contribute to the development of a high-quality set of global accounting standards.

The AOSSG plans to play an important role in encouraging the adoption of IFRSs in the region.

The objectives of the AOSSG are:

[1] Enhancing the standard-setting and financial reporting technical capabilities of national accounting standard setters in the region

[2] Contributing to the development and consistent application of IFRS Standards and addressing financial reporting issues of concern to the region, including:

  • identifying significant implementation issues impeding consistent application of IFRS by AO jurisdictions that apply IFRS and working collaboratively with the IASB and relevant regulators to address these issues
  • assisting to implement solutions through discussion, education, development and communication of relevant resources as appropriate
  • making recommendations to the IASB regarding improvements to IFRS standards and/or interpretations and IFRS for SMEs of significance to the region
  • contributing to debate on technical issues identified by the IASB when of significance to the region

[3] Working with governments and regulators in the AO region and relevant international organisations such as the IASB, to uphold and/or enhance the quality of financial reporting in the region.

[4] Establishing efficient and effective organization and governance structures and operating policies and procedures to support delivery of AOSSG’s vision

List of the current member organisations.

The AOSSG’s current structure is set out in the AOSSG Vision Paper 2012. The Chair and Vice-Chair are supported by a Chair’s Advisory Committee comprising nine member jurisdictions and by Working Groups devoted to particular technical topics.