8th Annual AOSSG Meeting - November 29 - 30, 2016 -Wellington, New Zealand

Agenda Papers
00 161121_aossg_schedule
02 161118_aossg_list of materials
04 ap 2_iasb update
05 allocation for break-out session_di
06 ap 3_aossg_disclosure initiative
07 ap 5.0_aossg_bcucc_cover memo
08 ap 5.1_annex 1_presentation slides
09 ap 5.2_annex 2_asaf meeting summaries
10 ap 5.3_annex 3_iasb meeting summary
11 ap 5.4_annex 4_relevant extracts of ed20153
12 ap 5.5_annex 5_summary of iasb tentative decisions on ed20153
13 ap 6_aossg_implications of the negative interest rate environment
14 ap 7_user information needs - xrb presentation - aossg
15 161121_ap9_ifrs review presentation.
16 ap 10.1_aossg strategic plan
17 ap 10.2_aossg progress report dec 2015 to nov 2016
18 ap 10.3_aossg strategic plan_ifrs trustees - ifrs ac updates
19 ap 10.4_aossg strategic plan_application of ifrss in aossg member jurisdictions
20 ap 11.1_aossg wg survey
21 ap 11.2_aossg wg survey_feedback analysis and recommendation
22 ap 11.3-1_aossg-specific affairs_feedback summary of aossg wg survey
23 ap 11.3-2_aossg-specific affairs_feedback summary of aossg wg survey
24 ap 11.3-3_aossg-specific affairs_feedback summary of aossg wg survey
25 ap 11.3-4_aossg-specific affairs_feedback summary of aossg wg survey
26 ap 12_aossg_conceptual framework
27 allocation for break-out session_fvm
28 161121_ap13_ifrs 13 pir
29 161121_ap14_implementation issues_sri lanka
30 ap 15_aossg slide thailand 2016
31 ap 17_aossg_update on ifrs application in japan
32 ap 18.1_kasb_operation of ifrs 9 technical support tf
33 ap 18.2_kasb_operation of ifrs 15 technical support tf
34 ap 18.3_kasb_operation of technical support tf
35 ap 19.0_aossg if wg_2016_16 nov
36 ap 19.1_aossg if wg_2016_16 nov
aossg_korea_ifrs adoption in korea experience and lessons_final